Vawdrey bolsters sales support in NSW

Vawdrey Australia has appointed Matt Watson as its new Area Sales Manager for New South Wales.

Watson commenced this role on 21 February 2022, bringing 15 years of experience in the trailer industry to the Vawdrey business.

“I’ve worked in trailer industry since 2002,” said Watson.

“I was doing semi-trailer spare parts for a couple of years and at around 2006 I got into trailer sales.”

Watson said he has developed a variety of relationships during his time in the industry, hoping to bring a lot of customers over to Vawdrey.

“I’ve been in the industry for a long time and I’ve been doing trailer sales for 15 years, so I’ve grown a fair few relationships over those times,” he said.

Vawdrey is Australia’s largest independent trailer builder and Watson said he is very excited to join the team.

“To work with a national Australian privately-owned trailer company – probably number one in the trailer game right now – is exciting,” he said.

“In my role as Area Sales Manager for NSW I’ll be supporting the dealerships we have within our main capitals as well as providing solid backup support to our customers.

“I think Vawdrey build a superior product with very good quality, and I think a lot of customers that I deal with would be very happy with Vawdrey.”

In other news, Vawdrey has partnered with Healthy Heads.

With half a century of industry experience, second-generation, family-owned forestry and interstate road transport operator, Greenfreight, specifies high productivity Vawdrey trailers for their reliability and exceptional quality.