Valspar Industrial Mix

They say first impressions are everything, and while there’s a lot more to a body or trailer than initially meets the eye, what does meet the eye at first glance is the quality of the surface finish.

That’s precisely why Aldom Motor Body Builders (AMBB) uses high performance Valspar coatings that befit the meticulous quality of the equipment it builds.

A highly versatile operation, the company has built and continues to build just about every style and configuration of trailer and body known to man. Tray bodies, flat tops, tippers, drop decks, curtainsiders, refrigerated bodies and trailers, specialised bodies and waste transporters, among others, are all part of the AMBB repertoire.

“We are a bespoke body builder and can manufacture virtually any type of body or trailer our customers require,” says AMBB owner, Mark Haig.

“We do a lot of specialised bodies for BHP for their mining operations and we recently completed a huge contract worth six million dollars, which included semi-trailers – one incorporating living quarters – for the Department of Transport,” Mark says, adding that the bespoke nature of the business has been key to its success over the last 45 years.

“We also build trailers for the Department of Defence, an organisation that is very particular and demands the highest possible standards,” he says.

An important element contributing to success in this type of business is ensuring every finished product is presented in the most optimal fashion – which is where Valspar coatings comes in.

“Obviously we need a good paint and for this reason we started using Valspar Industrial Mix supplied by our local distributor Paint Tech SA at Windsor Gardens about eight years ago,” Mark says. “The service we get from Paint Tech is exceptional.”

He explains that at this point AMBB switched from using enamel to 2-pack paint on every trailer and body it manufactured – which was a dramatic improvement.

“After five years in the elements you could clearly see the difference between an item painted in enamel and one coated with 2-pack, Mark says. “The enamel one was starting to fade while the 2-pack was still looking fresh and bright.

“I would say the paint jobs we do here would be one of the best in the body-building market.

“We use the industrial coatings produced by Valspar and we are very happy with them. The price is good and the quality is consistently good,” he says, adding that the ability to apply multiple coats wet-on-wet makes the painting process much quicker.

“We’ve tried a number of paint companies over the years, but nothing can top Valspar Industrial Mix and our local SA distributor Paint Tech,” Mark says.

Fast Fact
Aldom Motor Body Builders employs four highly experienced full-time painters to ensure the products it manufactures are finished to the highest possible standard.

Fast Fact
Valspar Industrial Mix high performance wet-on-wet 2-pack polyurethane coating system enables a dramatic reduction in painting times, greatly assisting the company with its production schedules.

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