Tieman hits the 4000 mark

Tieman`s 4000th tanker was delivered to SRH Milk Haulage in Newcastle. SRH Milk Haulage was started by Scott Harvey and his wife Regina in 1997 and runs 29 trucks, 12 B-double’s and 18 single tankers. The 4000th tanker is a stainless steel bulk milk collection `Free Reeler` tanker made in two compartments .The front compartment for carrying organic milk, the rear for carrying standard farm milk.

Tieman’s heritage dates back to 1953, when its founder, Neil Tieman, began manufacturing tanks and vats for the dairy industry from the backyard of his home in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. It was in 1955 however, that Tieman manufactured what would be the first of many road tankers, which are now seen travelling along the highways throughout Australia.

The company now manufactures a wide range of innovative bitumen tankers, bulk milk collection tankers, chemical tankers, food grade tankers, fuel tankers and imports aluminium dry bulk tankers from O.ME.P.S in Italy.

Bulk tankers are used by many of the country’s largest tanker fleets. Materials Handling Products, Tail Lifts, Dock Safety Products, Vehicle Access, Whiting Doors, Big Ass Fans and Mobile Service are other products and services offered by Tieman.

There is no doubt high levels of skill and expertise have been developed over many years as shown in the high quality finish of the 4000th tanker. Tieman also differentiates itself through its strong engineering focus to innovate and customise designs.

But despite the large number of tankers that have left the gates of Tieman’s facility, the company has remained family owned with Neil`s sons Dale and Colin Tieman being Joint Managing Directors. The company now employs approximately 300 people nationally, from first year apprentices to employees who have served over 45 years.

Scott and his wife Regina, along with Scott’s father Doug Harvey made the trip from Rutherford, New South Wales to the Tieman facility at Keon Park in Melbourne on August 11 to pick up the latest addition to the SRH Milk Haulage fleet. This comes after SRH Milk Haulage took delivery of a 19m B-double `Free Reeler` milk combination less than a week prior. Neil Tieman and his wife Jean were also present for the handover.

Tieman was the first company to innovate and change the milk pick up transport industry to the front of tanker milk hose reel, through its `Free Reeler` design. Companies are now gaining huge benefits through the elimination of truck mounted pumps, meters and reels.

Through customer request, the pump, and meter module has now been designed to also be fitted to the front of the tanker with the hose reel. The benefit is the combination now only has to simply `nose` into the delivery area which gives easy and better access to those hard to get to farm vats. The Tieman hose reel slews from one side of the tanker to the other and is hydraulically driven and includes a disc brake for low maintenance. There is also much less walking for operators as the operation of the hose reel and meter sampler is close to the truck cabin. Everything has been designed to give easy access for maintenance with 100mm pipe work also maximising flow rates with 4” pipe work. Fail safe vents are also cleaned with CIP pointed from the top of the vent to ensure no overspray onto the barrel when cleaning after each load.

SRH Milk Haulage has been pleased with each of its Tieman tanker purchases and Scott says that Tieman hasn’t just supplied his business with a great product, but has also provided the service to match. The recent Tieman 19m B-double and 30kl `Free Reeler` combinations have worked so well that Scott has reordered another 30kl `Free Reeler` tanker for his fleet. 

And having conquered its latest milestone, as the first tanker manufacturer to produce 4000 tankers, Tieman is firmly placed for the future.

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