Thermo King’s quiet achiever

National Foods is one the largest food and beverage groups in Australia, with operations in milk, fresh dairy foods, juice, soy beverages and specialty cheese. It has manufacturing plants in every state in Australia as well as in New Zealand.

Over 200 vehicles are operated within South Australia alone with a large proportion of these fitted with Thermo King refrigeration units, seven of which are operated by Lenkow Bulk Haulage, which was started by David and Damian Zubrinich.

Lenkow Bulk Haulage carts all types of dairy goods throughout the western suburbs of Adelaide.

The company decided to purchase the new Thermo King T-1000 refrigeration unit earlier this year and had it fitted to a 10 pallet rigid truck. And as Damian explains, the unit is exceeding his expectations. “Our T-1000 unit was the very first one to be fitted to a truck in Australia. We received the unit in February and at that time we were still getting temperatures of above 40ºC in Adelaide. Despite the high ambient temperatures, we were able to bring an un-refrigerated box down to -3ºC within 20 minutes. The unit is terrific – its pull down time and ability to maintain a set temperature is remarkable. The T-1000 is better than any unit I’ve ever used and it is definitely more efficient.”

Part of Thermo King’s new T-Series line of truck refrigeration units, the T-1000 is the result of years of engineering research and development at TK Engineering centres worldwide. It has been designed to offer lower lifecycle costs, lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and lower noise outputs.

By utilising “SmartPower electric operation whilst the vehicle is stationary at the depot, diesel engine hours are minimised, and running and maintenance costs are reduced. Thermo King recommends an extended service interval of 2000 engine hours.

The T-1000 is available with the option of either traditional reciprocating technology or advanced open drive scroll compressor technology – each of which has its own advantages to suit varied applications and customer requirements.

Thermo King has labelled its scroll compressor technology “the ideal choice for peak efficiency and maximum cooling capacity”. Thermo King states that independent tests have shown that this technology can provide fuel savings of up to 10 percent when compared to traditional reciprocating technology. Scroll compressor technology also uses fewer moving parts, resulting in reduced maintenance, less noise and less vibration.

“We’ve been using Thermo King units for around 15 years now and while many of the older units are already quiet, it is nothing compared to the T-1000,” says Damian. “It is bigger than some of the older units and is colder but is also much quieter. That’s important for our sort of work because we are often travelling in residential areas at all hours of the morning to unload at supermarkets.”

The T-1000 is also very easy to use thanks to the new TSR-2 Control System which displays step-by-step instructions in symbolic form in order to make setting and adjusting the system quick and easy. This feature is also designed to ensure correct parameters are set in order to avoid operator errors.

“The T-1000 is so easy to use and understand and since it was put to use, it has been working perfectly. Having purchased the first of these units, one would normally expect some teething issues, but we have not had a single problem with the unit,” says Damian.

“The new technology that has gone into making this unit is great and I’m glad we chose to implement it in our fleet. I’m expecting that the T-1000 will give us a service life of around 20 years and we are actually looking at having another T-1000 unit fitted in October.”

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