Southern Waste Solutions deploys V-FLOOR

The V-FLOOR WALKING FLOOR system allows operators like Southern Waste Solutions to load and unload material from trailers hands-free.

Keith’s WALKING FLOOR is a hydraulically driven unloading system which features a series of floor slats that ‘walk’ material out as it moves.

The moving floor systems allow material to be loaded and unloaded without the need for hands-on labour. As a result, this reduces work safety concerns and supports a safer, more productive environment for employees.

Southern Waste Solutions (SWS) is a waste transfer and landfill company in Tasmania which accepts and manages waste at the Lutana Waste Transfer Station and Copping Landfill sites, with the use of a Byrne Trailer fitted with KEITH’s latest 8-slat steel V-Floor.

The company accepts clean fill, non-contaminated building rubble and perishable waste (Categories A & B) at both sites. Low level contaminated waste (Category B) and contaminated waste (Category C) at their Copping site, subject to approval from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

SWS Operations Manager Mark Abela says the Lutana site transports around 200 tonnes of waste a day.

“At our Lutana site in Southern Tasmania, we have a waste transfer station that takes on average 200 tonnes a day of waste from commercial entities, and we transfer it to our landfill site at Copping.

The facility also takes waste from other councils,” Mark says, adding the floor also operates exceptionally and is a lot better than KEITH’s previous aluminium options SWS used for the last two decades.

“The floor works very well,” he says. “It’s steel, which is better than the aluminium ones we’ve had for the last 20 years. So we’re hoping they’re going to be less maintenance.”

According to Mark, there are several improvements in the latest walking floor system which he’s noticed to help make the operation of SWS a lot more productive and efficient.

“The hydraulics are more accessible for servicing than the previous trailer, which required an empty trailer and access from inside and outside the unit,” he says. “The area was cramped and difficult to service. The remote control is also very convenient, as it’s used while the driver is in the cab, which is particularly useful for cold Tasmanian winters.”

“The steel floor is just as efficient as the older one, as we use compactors to load onto the trailers and don’t particularly use the open top,” he says. “It tows very well and is stable on the road.”

Steel is much stronger and more durable metal than aluminium, and Mark believes that KEITH’s decision to manufacture a steel walking system will provide his business with a lot more benefits in the long run.

“The steel floor would be much stronger in the long run over an aluminium floor and hence less maintenance,” he says.

Mark believes KEITH’s aftersales service is phenomenal as they continue to go out of their way to support their customers, and have done so for his business during the last 20 years.

“I have no complaints at all with KEITH” he says. “They work hard to come up with solutions for us. Their customer service is fantastic. As far as I’m concerned, it’s been very good. I deal with a lot of companies and KEITH are always very prompt, happy to come up with solutions and they get things to me quickly.”