SKF Hub-odometer

For any transport fleet, having the hub-odometer is crucial in measuring distance traveled over the lifetime of the trailer, which can be useful when the trailer needs servicing or is up for replacement.

SKF’s fully mechanical hub-odometer is a counting device that requires no wiring or programming, so any operator can install them with a minimum of fuss.

“The hub-odometer has been around for a long time, but the difference with the SKF mechanical hub-odometers is we offer the unit in a variety of sizes,” says Alan Ryder, SKF Australia’s Sales and Marketing Manager (Truck). “Whether a trailer moves forward or reverses, the hub-odometer can also help to calculate a cost per tyre revolution.”

The hub-odometer is mounted on the hubcap of the trailer and rotates with the wheel except for the mounted weight on the internal shaft. If there is no provision to mount the hub odometer SKF can provide a mounting bracket. It doesn’t matter which wheel is used, the unit can still function on either side of the trailer.

According to Alan, the mechanical SKF hub-odometer is loaded with the latest in high-quality specifications including an operating temperature range from (-40°C to 85°C).
“From trailers that work off-road work in a hot environment to cold or wet conditions, the hub-odometer will operate regardless,” explains Alan.

“The cover lens on the hub-odometer is molded from UV resistant GE Lexan polycarbonate, which protects it from wear and corrosion. The unit is also an environmentally controlled sealed unit that is airtight, waterproof and tamperproof.”

Protected and powerful enough to withstand harsh conditions, the mechanical SKF hub-odometer has a unique counterbalance design, which prevents orbiting even on rough roads. “The most pleasing aspect of the SKF hub-odometers is economically viable and a true low cost accessory for any fleet application,” says Alan. “It is an efficient method of identifying when a trailer requires maintenance and it is performing safely.”

“SKF and OE dealers around Australia can accommodate any fleet requirement. All we require from our clients is that they provide us with their respective tyre sizes so that we can fit the appropriate hub-odometer. Different tyre sizes accomplish different revolutions per kilometre.”

SKF Australia is the local arm of the SKF Group, a Swedish company that has been supplying bearings and seals for more than 100 years. Other products include a vast component range featuring its Conmet kits, maintenance equipment, bearing condition monitors, installing and removal tools, design tools, and centralised lubrication systems and lubricants for clients in the trucking and trailer industry, in either the OE or aftermarket.

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