SAF-Holland to create global champion

Equipment specialist, SAF-Holland, has announced an acquisition proposal with Haldex which includes plans to establish a new global champion for chassis-related commercial vehicle components.

Haldex manufactures brake systems and air suspension systems for heavy trucks, buses and trailers.

SAF-Holland has already acquired 14.1 per cent of Haldex’s outstanding shares. The new offer, following approval by all relevant parties, would see SAF-Holland become the owner of more than 90 per cent of the outstanding shares in Haldex.

For more than 15 years SAF-Holland has cooperated with Haldex across various strategic projects.

According to SAF-Holland CEO, Alexander Geis, going ahead with the acquisition could lead to an industry-changing partnership.

“With their highly complementary businesses, SAF-Holland and Haldex could form a combined global champion for chassis-related commercial vehicle systems,” he said.

The proposed acquisition has a compelling strategic rationale and would mean the company could offer a majority of key components from a single source.

Geis also said that Haldex, as their partner, would benefit from an enhanced one-stop shop solution throughout the entire product life cycle – from initial consultation and configuration to delivery and maintenance.

“Together, we would have the unique ability to offer integrated mechatronic systems and smart solutions for suspensions, axle systems and electronic braking system modules,” he said.

The combined company would also be able to leverage the top three market positions across key products and regions and create an aftermarket powerhouse with increased scale, resilience and profitability.

In the long-term their combined portfolio is expected to be very well positioned to advance in the digitalisation of trailers and trucks.

“In addition, we could expand our international aftermarket presence and benefit from further improvements of our resilience against challenges in the supply chains driven by the increased scale of the combined company,” said Geis.

SAF-Holland said the announcement marks the beginning of a highly regulated process.

The acceptance period is expected to commence around 4 July 2022 and settlement is expected to begin around 24 August 2022.

While there may be no immediate effect on existing initiatives, SAF-Holland believes that the possible new combination of both businesses will create substantial value for everyone.

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