Quickload Trailer Scale

Based on Air-Weigh’s proven electronics, software and sensor technology, the new Quickload series was developed as a low-cost solution without compromising on usability, all packaged in an environmentally sealed enclosure.

The new Quickload trailer scale features an advanced graphics display with touch screen technology and moulded electrical and air connections, eliminating any openings in the enclosure for buttons, switches, panels, connectors or air fittings.  “It’s accurate at all temperatures, humidity levels and altitudes, and can also provide a low power mode for operation with trailer tracking devices interface,” says E-Max’s Phillip Carthew. “It can be mounted on the outside of any trailer chassis rail and installed in about 20 minutes with connecting a power cable and air-line.”

Other features of the new scale include an icon based touch screen user interface for quick setup and simple operation. In set up mode, easy to understand icons guide the user through initial installation and factory calibration. All of the scale’s other features and options are also easily accessed through the icon interface. “In weight mode, large numbers that can easily be read from several feet away are shown on the bright backlit transflective display,” Phil explains.

The Quickload Trailer Scale also features built-in warning weight and overweight alarm LEDs that shine forward, rearward and outward. The alarm LEDs can be set to flash at any warning weight, and then go solid at a programmable overweight threshold. More new features include built-in weight sensors, a low-power battery mode for untethered applications, and an industry standard serial data interface that can be set to J1939 or RS485 protocols.

All Air-Weigh on-board scales, including the new Quickload Trailer Scale, feature a dual-point calibration system coupled with proprietary hardware and software technologies that allow customers to accurately know their specific axle group weights at the loading site. Once calibrated, the scale displays the axle group weight to an accuracy of about 0.5 per cent and is read in 20Kg increments.  The scale comes with a three-year electronic warranty.

“The new Quickload model eliminates weight-related costs including fees, wasted time, wasted fuel, out-of-route Kilometres, overweight fines, load re-work and delays at in-ground scales,” Phil concludes.

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