Haar Australia talks fuel additive innovation

The process of injecting additives into fuel has never been simpler. Haar Australia’s PreciMix additive system makes fuel injection onsite an easy and reliable task. With this technology, uptime is improved considerably as road tanker fleets can now distribute a variety of additivated fuels on the go.

Ivan Lawrie, founder and Managing Director of Haar Australia, has been at the forefront of fuel metering and pumping technology, taking cues from developments in the European market and tailoring them for Australian applications.

Haar Australia has an extensive range of metering systems, including additive injection as an add-on enhancement to the standard metering system.

“We’ve been doing additive injection into aviation refuelers for 10 years in Australia,” Ivan says. “We were adding an anti-icing additive into the jet fuel to prevent ice from being formed in the water at the plane’s cruising altitude.”

Private jets often require additives in the fuel to stop ice from forming in the tanks, known as FSII or Fuel System Ice Inhibitor. The anti-icing additive can only be injected at a specific point – often referred to as ‘into the wing’, because the rest of the filtration system cannot handle the additives.

The injection of additives into fuel is not a new concept, as it has been done manually since 1997. Traditionally, fuel blends would be completed at the terminal before the tanker hits the road. These tankers have set compartments to split the premium fuel from the regular mix. Times have changed though, and Ivan and Haar Australia provide this service completely automated via their PreciMix additive injection system.

“So, what sounds like a reasonably complex operation to make fuel at the truck is simplified because we automate the system,” he says. “The driver simply chooses the name of the blended fuel to deliver, and this system will automatically inject the right additive at the right ratio. In doing so, we remove any potential for human error, and we remove any need for the driver to do any calculations at all.”

The PreciMix is compact in size and easy to install, and is lightweight, simple, cost effective and easily retrofitted. With it fitted, a sub-contractor or distributor can additivate fuel at the delivery point rather than travel back and forth from terminal to client site to deliver the goods.

Ivan explains that Haar Australia recently had an oil company come to them with a specific need to inject additives to make their brand of fuel. They could only source vanilla fuel from terminals, so in consultation with their transport operator, Monaro Fuel Haulage, Haar offered them an additive injection system to make their branded fuel on demand, during the delivery.

“What we do is inject their additives at the delivery point – being the service station tank, and we inject it at the specific ratio to make the different blends of fuel that they are selling and marketing,” he says. “Our metering systems can handle up to four separate additives being injected concurrently into the fuel to make whatever flavour of fuel you need to suit your application.”

The need was originally met with a B-double set and was expanded to an additional B-double based on the success of the first one and its additional demand across the retail network.

Monaro Fuel Haulage installed an additive injection system to deliver fuel to its clients in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. The transportation company has a need to inject fuel, but they couldn’t get their branded fuel so they’re now making it onsite thanks to Haar Australia.

Monaro Fuel Haulage Fleet Manager, Nic Henshaw, says Haar’s technology has given the company access to a new capability.

“The product does what was promised efficiently and effectively, and the service from Haar Australia has been impeccable,” he says. “Based on that, we are very happy to be using the technology and it gives us a capability which we didn’t have within the fleet before.”

Ivan explains that Haar Australia is considering using this product with other oil companies as well to further optimise future fleet operations.

“We’ve also been discussing this particular product with other oil companies who have been expressing interest in our product,” he says. “We think that type of additivated delivery is a good way to optimise the fleet for future operations, because essentially one carrier can carry vanilla fuel and deliver branded products across multiple retail sites.

The technology oil comes from Alfons-Haar in Germany, and in Europe this type of vanilla unbranded fuel is quite common. So, the additive injection technology in Europe is reasonably advanced, particularly compared to what we’ve seen in Australia and other countries until now.”

Fast fact
The PreciMix is compact in size and easy to install. It includes a self-priming pump with additional functions such as additive tank volume management, and self-checking features to ensure the additives are being injected during the delivery.

Fast fact
Up to four different additive pumps can be used with Haar Australia’s fuel metering systems.