New Borcat unit delivers performance and safety gains for Grid Logistics

The innovative horizontal unloading design of the new extreme wide belt semi-trailer makes light work of underroof deliveries and sites with height restrictions.

Since purchasing its first trailer from Borcat in 2020, Grid Logistics has taken delivery of two Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved truck & quad dog bodies, two tippers, concrete bins for its hook lift trucks, and a new extreme wide belt semi-trailer from the New South Wales-based tipper and trailer manufacturer.

Grid Logistics predominantly provides logistical support to the construction industry. It specialises in freight-forwarding, waste management, remediation, bulk haulage, quarry products and material handling on-site.

Rudi Diener, who is the Operations Director of Grid Logistics, says the new extreme wide belt unit from Borcat Trailers was the first trailer his team had ordered with bulkhead. “There are some drawbacks with conventional setups and when we were offered this new design, we were impressed with it, and decided to order one. In fact, this setup has helped us steer clear of the issues we would normally see in conventional models,” Rudi says.

“The extreme wide belt semi-trailer from Borcat is unique in the sense that it has a 2.1m wide belt that discharges the load – making it perfect for deliveries underroof or sites with height restrictions (trees, power lines etc). It also mitigates the risk of rollovers thereby promoting safety on site. The trailer has a hydraulic tailgate that you can set to open in tight areas or stockpile material using a fully open position of the tailgate. It can also be used for spreading aggregates when required. For special unloading projects, we can also fully operate the trailer from the ground through the remote control at the rear of the unit.

“The tipper bins were specifically designed for us to use our hook lift trucks as tippers when we are not servicing concrete batch plants. The concrete bins were designed in such a way to limit overloads and prevent spillage of wet materials as it is fully watertight. The bodies of our quads were built with 450-grade steel inlay floors, doing away with expensive aftermarket products, as well as rock-sheets on the sides. Even with rocksheets and steel lined floors these configurations can carry payloads of nearly 39 tonnes,” he adds.

Grid Logistics has been in the industry as fully fledged business for close to five years and in that time, it has already serviced a variety of clients – public and private – from industry sectors involving construction, mining and waste management. The majority of its fleet is PBS-approved. The trailers from Borcat offer Grid the versatility and flexibility it needs to take on varied projects across different sectors.

“We like doing business with Borcat. They are an experienced team, they know what they’re doing, they listen to our needs and deliver products that suit our operational requirements. Borcat has a good and trusting name in the industry and in our short experience with them, we have found their team to be very accommodating.

“Paul is always there to assist. He is very approachable and makes himself available to explore options in case anything goes wrong, not that there have been many issues. The product we get from them is high quality and dependable. They have capabilities to design purpose-built equipment, which suits our needs because we have a very broad application. We cart anything from construction materials to quarry products, clean and contaminated soil, grain, fertiliser etc. servicing clients across NSW, ACT and as far as southeast QLD.”

Another factor that has made Grid Logistics stick with Borcat is the after sales support they get from them. As Rudi puts it: “It is one thing buying a vehicle, but another getting the after sales service when it comes to maintenance. In Borcat’s case, Paul and his team have been very good to us, assisting us at short notice with repairs and sourcing of parts. They even carried out repair work on one of our other trailers that was built by the competition. We really enjoy doing business with Borcat.”

The price of steel has been escalating in recent times and as a result there has been a snowball effect on the price of steel parts in the market. Getting a clear heads-up and upfront information from the team at Borcat about any potential price increase helps Grid Logistics plan its budget accordingly. “We tend to plan the timing of our vehicles to the best of our ability, so we can meet our work demands and our budget, based on the information we get from Paul’s team. We look forward to continuing our association with Borcat in the future.”