Narva – A rear upgrade

Lighting specialist Narva has updated the best-selling Model 48 rear combination lamp for heavy commercial vehicles by combining the latest LED technology with a new linear optic lens.

Narva’s Model 48 lamps – commonly referred to as ‘Jumbos’ – are amongst the most popular and commonly used rear combination lamps in Australasia’s commercial road transport industry.

The latest version can boast a 9–33 multi-voltage circuitry for both 12 and 24 Volt applications, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lenses and, most importantly, advanced ultra wide visibility LEDs. Thus, providing drivers with an intense, yet even spread of light over the large surface of the lens.

“Innovation is important to us, but we also understand ‘less is more’ in terms of our approach to the current market”, says Narva’s Adrian Bosker.

“Just 16 new LEDs have replaced the earlier version, which previously used 24 older-style directional LEDs. The combination of the new wide angle diodes with our new optical lens has lead to greatly enhanced overall performance with an appealing visual effect plus ultra low current draw.”

The two lamps subject to the upgrade are a rear stop/ tail indicator combination (part no. 94850) and a rear stop/ tail/ indicator/ reverse combination (part no. 94856H). Both lamps also feature in-built retro reflectors that are hardwired with waterproof connectors.

“The Jumbos need to be able to handle all different climates and also remain durable over the long haul,” Adrian concludes. “Each of them is ADR and ‘E’ approved and comes with the well-known Narva five-year LED Warranty.”

Adrian also points out that safety and security were high on the agenda of the upgraded models. “An added security feature, which we felt was important, is that all the lamps are supplied with colour-matched screw caps,” he says. “Once inserted into the mounted lamp, they prevent access to the screw unless the cap is drilled out.”

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