Loadman LM300 Can Coder

Transport Certification Australia has released a new specification for type-approval for On-Board Mass (OBM) systems. The technical assessment ensures that components meet the performance-based requirements as per functional and technical specifications, which is important for trailer manufacturers and fleet operators looking for Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved hardware to complement their builds.

New South Wales-based component supplier, Loadman Australia has access to scale systems that are optimised for PBS combinations operating under Intelligent Access Programs (IAP) (see breakout box) and OBM interim requirements.

“The Loadman LM300 Can Coder scale system is available for all types of PBS applications including A-doubles, multi combinations and truck and dog trailer combinations,” says Loadman Australia Managing Director, Frank Parker – adding that the company has applied for type approval for the LM300 Can Coder.

He also explains that the use of effective scale systems can prevent drivers from operating above the legal payload limit, promoting efficent road access and productivity. “To support a variety of transport tasks and operator requirements, Loadman also stocks scale systems from UK-based specialist scale system supplier, Red Forge, and Airtec Corporation, allowing the business to accommodate for most vehicle configurations and suspension types.”

In addition to providing PBS solutions, Loadman also caters for all types of On-Board scale systems including smaller 4×2 trucks under a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 4500kg, which don’t require type-approved gear. According to Frank, this class of vehicle can be driven on a car licence by drivers who are not familiar with the vehicle’s legal load capacity. “It is important that drivers are provided with the tools to meet the legal loading obligations of the vehicle that they are driving,” Frank says. “Some vehicles in this class fitted with a heavy body have limited payload capacity and it is very easy to overload.”

“Loadman Australia offers the Red Forge Axalert Plus system for 4×2 vehicles with a GVM up to 16,000kg on spring or air suspension,” he says. “The Axalert Plus provides the driver with a simple bar graph indicator and a load reading as a percentage of the rated capacity of the front and rear axle and the GVM. 

“The calibration of the Axalert Plus scale is completed using the actual kilogram weight input for the tare and gross weights of each axle but the display is simplified to a bar graph and percentage.” 

Fast Fact
The Intelligent Access Program (IAP) is a Transport Certification Australia application that provides heavy vehicles with access, or improved access, to the Australian road network in return for monitoring of compliance with specific access conditions using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

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