Lighting up the trailer one Lucidity link at a time

Wiring and lighting specialist, Lucidity, has supplied the transport industry with industry defining quality products since 1981. The Lucidity Link series of marker lamps and tail lamps bring an unmatched level of cohesion for wiring and lighting to the industry.

Through continuous innovation, the Lucidity Link series creates the perfect solution for lighting and wiring in the trailer industry.

This series of lamps coupled with the wiring technologies from Lucidity eliminates the need to solder, splice or join any cable within a trailer build, anywhere. The lights are ‘linked’ together in a string using industry standard DT connectors which substantially improves assembly time as no labor is required to solder, leading to production efficiency improvements for the OEM. With high labor demand and skills shortages Lucidity Link lighting has been a real game changer to OEMs, fleet owners and operators as it really simplifies installation, add-ons and replacement.

Mathew Jenkins, the President of Lucidity, says the company has in-house capability to offer a platform to co-design products where both lighting and wiring is involved along with installation.

“Usually there is a lamp manufacturer separate to a wiring manufacturer, and they don’t normally work cohesively to create a simple connection method for installing lighting on vehicles,” he says. “So, what we’ve been able to do is utilise the real estate that is the lamp to create the connection from one lamp to another. Each lamp becomes its own small water proof junction box.”

Anti-corrosion technology between the wiring and lighting makes for a simpler connection from one lamp to another and also introduces advantages from both a production and installation perspective.

“Traditionally, harnesses to plug-in shelf base commodity lights from other manufacturers would require ‘splicing’ inside a harness to create multiple connection opportunities,” Mathew says. “This is prone to corrosion, as well as induces a high labour content and creates inflexible circumstances regarding where the lights can be installed versus where they need to be installed.”

The main goal of this product series, according to Mathew, is to maintain a longer lifetime out of all Lucidity’s products by creating a repeatable installation process weather you have five lights or 50 without compromising on reliability or the quality of the installation. The more refined Link lamp series has made for a more simplistic design platform as a way to extend its lifetime. Any system using splicing or soldering of any kind will be prone to electrical problems at some point in it lifetime, and it’s this degradation Lucidity Link prevents.

“We are the only manufacturer that offers 100 per cent repeatable installation of lamps,” Mathew says. “It’s not up to the skill or accuracy of an installer using our lamps and wiring. Such is the success of the current Link series lamps. Lucidity is presently continuing to design more of its standard lamps onto the Link platform. This also means no matter which lamp series you use for tail lamps, your wiring never has to change.

There is a common connection method for All tail lamps, and one for side lamps. It hasn’t ever been so reliable or simple to create reliable and repeatable installations.”

Lucidity Link can also be installed as part of a refurbish kit. Other benefits include safety improvements that can ease the minds of those concerned about auto-electrical mishaps during installation or replacement procedures. The lack of complex wire harness assembling has made it nearly impossible to ‘get it wrong’ when first setting it up.

“From an auto-electrical perspective, the product is easier to fix or replace as there is no mechanical electrical connection to make during the process,” Mathew says. “It really is as simple as unplugging the lamp and plugging in a new one – as if using a regular wall socket at home.”

All Lucidity Link series lamps are designed to work on Lucidity’s 12, 24, and reduced 24 voltages – making the company one of the only manufacturers to specify that it will operate on all three voltages. As a result, this has extended the reach of consumers who may choose to use Lucidity Link lamps for their vehicles.

Lucidity has a range of standard length Link cables that can be used in combination with Lucidity Link series lamps, with each grommet light containing 2 DT connections – one in and one out – to allow a string of lights to be connected. All Lucidity Link lighting comply with Australia Design Rules (ADR) and is rated to IP67 for water and dust protection.

Lucidity Australia has been operating for more than 30 years, developing and innovating safety lighting products, wire harnesses and electronics to the transport industry. Its extensive work in designing solutions to real world transport industry hurdles makes Lucidity a tough and reliable contender in the market. All products are designed in-house here in Australia to ensure they are as efficient and effective for the Australian market.