JOST EverShine aluminium truck and trailer rims

An all-important component on any vehicle, the rim and tyre package is crucial not only for its mechanical function but also as a means of dressing up the vehicle to display a professional image for the owner, driver and their customers.

As such, maintaining a mirror finish to alloy wheels has long been a passion for many truck enthusiasts, with many hours regularly devoted to the cause.

However, with the introduction of JOST’s EverShine product, the time-consuming task of polishing rims has been effectively relegated to the history books. 

Well known for a number of truck-related components – most notably fifth wheels and landing legs – JOST recently strengthened its presence in the truck alloy rim market with a range of top-shelf EverShine rims that deliver significant benefits to operators. 

Several years back the company employed wheel industry stalwart, Mike McCosker, as its Product Manager for Wheel Products.

Mike cut his teeth in the wheel industry in the mid-1990s, subsequently working for various Australian wheel manufacturers. In the process he gained a wealth of technical knowledge relating to heavy transport wheel requirements.

His knowledge was put to good use in helping JOST develop a world-class forged aluminium wheel to complement the company’s industry-leading fifth wheels and trailer landing legs.
The objectives of the EverShine development program were clear: The wheel products had to be industry leading, premium quality and value for money, aligning with the core values of the now 67-year-old JOST company.

According to Mike, JOST’s EverShine alloy wheels were developed to fill a void in the market where there was a yearning for a low maintenance wheel with a surface finish that would meet the stringent international standard ISO 9227.

“Customers were telling us they wanted an alloy rim with a surface treatment that would stay shiny in arduous applications with only regular washing with soap and water,” he explains.
To ensure this was possible it had to withstand a rigourous testing regime entailing more than 240 hours in a controlled laboratory environment containing some of the most corrosive elements known to mankind.

This was accomplished using a trusted Australian laboratory to perform the stringent international CASS (copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray) tests for corrosion resistance to the ISO9227 standard.

According to Mike this was an exhaustive, extensive and expensive exercise, and he explains that the PH level 3 test rig had to be repaired and rebuilt after each test because the environment in the machine is so corrosive.

After a number of attempts over the last four years, using various methods of protection applied to the 6061 forged aluminium wheels, finally an acceptable finish was achieved. The winning formula encapsulates a coating that permeates the surface layer, binding intrinsically with it to protect the raw aluminium beneath.

Extensive field trials were then undertaken to verify the lab results. This involved long-term testing in Western Australia on livestock trucks and trailers which ultimately delivered the thumbs-up result. Then after a JOST internal audit on process, including EPA conformance, the green light for release was finally given.

Critically, the extensive product testing gave JOST the confidence to offer a five-year finish warranty (subject to conditions) on the new rims.

“The EverShine advantage is that a sparkling finish can be maintained long-term simply by regularly washing the wheels with soap and water,” Mike attests.

EverShine alloy wheels debuted at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show and the interest and feedback on the product from attendees to the JOST stand was reported to be prolific.

“We received numerous compliments on the bright mirror-like finish of the wheels with some commenting that it looked like chrome and sparkled much brighter than existing offerings in this space,” he says.

 Meanwhile, a loyal JOST customer and family-owned business, Multiquip, has specified EverShine alloy wheels on a new pocket road train combination.

The company undertakes a multi-faceted haulage operation including quarry aggregates, chicken feed and the catching and delivering of live birds to processing plants across the country.

With safety, compliance and fleet presentation of paramount importance, Multiquip specifies quality equipment and components which make ongoing maintenance and compliance easier.
A new Scania R 620 NTG V8 prime mover and Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved Muscat 26-metre A-double for quarry work are a case in point.

The combination features a full complement of EverShine wheels and a JOST JSK37CW fifth wheel with sensor coupling technology that indicates the lock and unlock status of the jaws on the Scania’s dash display.

Jason Mikosic, General Manager of Multiquip, anticipates big payload benefits leading to substantially increased productivity from the new Scania and Muscat combination.

He says he specified the EverShine wheels because he insists on quality and value with his capital purchases.

Fast Fact
EverShine wheels are available in a variety of sizes from 17.5- to 22.5-inch diameter with North American, European and Japanese stud patterns. They range in weight from 14.2 to 25kg depending on the size and width.

Fast Fact
The ultra-durable surface coating of JOST EverShine forged aluminium wheels provides maximum protection in harsh environments that oxidise and dull the exposed aluminium surfaces of non-treated wheels.

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