Getting ahead with Borcat’s high-capacity combination

The new four-axle step deck trailer from Borcat has been proving its mettle for New South Wales-based Port Stephens Gardenland. The high-volume bin can pack up to 58 cubic metres of load and the unique barn door style tailgates make unloading a breeze.

Approaching its 65th anniversary next year, Borcat is continuing its tradition of pioneering new technology and quality materials to deliver commercial manufacturing excellence. The high-quality craftsmanship is a reason so many small and big businesses have stuck with Borcat for over sixty years. The trailers are built to last, in fact, that is the slogan behind the workmanship that has proved its quality and performance in different applications in tough Australian conditions.

An increase in demand for Performance-Based Standards (PBS) equipment around 2015 brought a sharp increase in Borcat’s PBS offering. Over the years Borcat has mastered the lightweight and durable design and manufacturing technology behind high-performance vehicles. That is one of the reasons Port Stephens Gardenland’s founder and Operations Manager, Laurie Bowtell, chose a 9m long four-axle step deck combination. Based in Eagleton, a small local community 35km from Newcastle, Port Stephens Gardenland specialises in the production of bulk landscape supplies, soil mixes, potting mixes, screening pine barks, mulches, and other bulk gardening and horticulture supplies. Laurie, who established the business along with his wife Jacqueline Bowtell in 1984, is now assisted by his three sons – Timothy, Grant and Todd Bowtell. The team transports goods from the Newcastle region to Sydney metro area, Southern Highlands and the Blue Mountains.

“We need good, reliable trucks and trailers to suit our needs,” Laurie says. “We’re hauling everything from pine barks to hardwood and softwood sawdust, so we need solid tipper trucks to do the job. That’s what we get from Borcat Trailers.”

Laurie got his first Borcat in 2013 and picked up his fourth combination around Christmas last year. He owns a Borcat five-axle truck and dog combination with a drop deck tipper, a Borcat drop deck semi end tipper, apart from a Kenworth rigid.

His latest four-axle step deck is a high-capacity trailer that is 9.115m long with 2.5m high sides, and unique barn door style tailgates.

“We specifically like BPW axles and BPW disc brakes in our new drop deck trailer,” Laurie says. “It is PBS-approved, has low profile tyres, under slung suspension, and high-volume bins. We don’t have normal swinging tailgates on this trailer. It has barn door style tailgates, which allow the material to come out better considering the high volume on them. It stands up higher so when you’re unloading the product, it goes down smoothly and doesn’t spread all over the customer’s yard.”

Borcat specialises in PBS-compliant dog trailers in three-, four-, five- and six-axle configurations to suit a variety of applications, including those of Port Stephens Gardenland. The PBS trailers allow Laurie’s team to maximise productivity and payload in fewer runs. The team at Borcat helps customers like Laurie through the entire PBS design, build and permit process, which means the new trailers can get right to work when they roll off Borcat’s Wetherill Park facility.

When it comes to reliability, ‘you do not touch these trailers’, according to Laurie. Apart from normal maintenance needs, the trailers are built for hard work.

“We build things that are not standard and out of the box and the team at Borcat are very understanding and very easy to deal with,” he says.

“We have a great working relationship with them. They’re very cooperative, they understand our design requirements and come with the goods. We’ve never had any issues with Borcat and that’s why we turned to them for our fourth combination.”