Enmin truck vibrators

VicRoads released a safety alert last year that emphasised the trailer’s centre of gravity moves upward when the tray is elevated. So, if any of the cargo becomes compacted in the bin, for instance, the potential for the trailer to overturn increases.

All it requires is uneven ground conditions to tilt the trailer sideways, VicRoads warned, and an overturning moment can be produced sufficient to roll the trailer.

A properly placed and installed truck vibrator can help to manage the risk by ensuring a more complete truck emptying without extending tippers to unsafe heights or physically rocking the trailer, according to Anthony Gallaher, General Manager at Enmin Vibratory Equipment.

“The benefits of using vibration technology stacks up on many levels, from improved driver safety, reduced fuel and maintenance costs, to significant reduction in vehicle wear and damage,” Anthony says.

Enmin, specialising in truck vibrator technology, have long been helping tipper operators dislodge compacted material quickly, safely and easily with its 12- and 24-volt DC vibrators. Now, the Australian-owned and operated company has expanded its portfolio to include hydraulic and pneumatically powered options.

Anthony explains that some transport applications require vibration to be applied for an extended amount of time, a scenario where the design characteristics of the hydraulic and pneumatic models come into their own. “If required, they can be run continuously, rather than the more generally utilised intermittent operation of the electric models,” he says. “The truck vibrators are easy to install and only require minimal modification to the trailer body, making them a simple, low cost addition that effectively manages the inherent risks of tipping a trailer. After all, not properly managing the risk of tipping can have dangerous outcomes.”

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