EMM Group maximises productivity with new BTE unit

A Performance-Based Standards-approved combination from Bulk Transport Equipment is helping the garden supply business increase payload to 46.8 tonnes.

Earlier this year, regional Victoria-based company, EMM Group, took delivery of its latest Performance-Based Standards (PBS) truck and dog combination – a Kenworth T659 Tri Drive tipper coupled to a five-axle dog trailer from Bulk Transport Equipment (BTE). The trailer allows the business to run 68.5 tonnes, which gives a payload of around 46.8 tonnes.

The trailer was designed with advanced performance benefits in mind, EMM Group’s Fleet Manager Adam Myers says. “We get much more payload on this unit compared to other combinations. So obviously, when you’re getting paid for the weight, it makes it a lot more efficient, particularly in times like these when fuel prices are going through the roof. It couldn’t have come at a better time. The truck and trailer combination has been able to get more on and offer better productivity,” he says.

Established in 1985, EMM Group is a major garden supplier based in Northern Victoria. It offers services in building trades, environments, garden supplies, commercial soil supply and bulk transport.

The new unit is EMM Group’s eighth PBS unit – and the fourth five-axle dog built for it by BTE. It took around 12 months in the making of this trailer – and the design and performance speak of that labour of love.

“It came with a list of features which has helped make their job a lot easier,” Adam says. “It’s got lift-up axles on both the front and rear of the trailer as well as a slippery floor in the trailer and mesh tarps for optimal unloading. The trailer is also set up with a Ringfeder and couplings at the rear of it to hook a quad-dog in there and run-on road train route to New South Wales. BTE worked with us on our requirements to deliver an amazing bit of gear.”

Running on a PBS-approved route mainly in northern Victoria, the unit sees a tough application – predominantly carting sand, crushed rock and aggregate. EMM Group’s driver, who drives this unit, is “pretty wrapped” with the performance and drive, Adam says. “The unit is exceptional both in terms of reliability and efficiency. In fact, we started seeing productivity benefits from the first month itself.”

It is also EMM Group’s first combination that runs on full disc brakes.

“It runs disc brakes on the truck and disc brakes on the trailer, which gives us a saving of about 60 kilos per axle,” Adam says.

EMM Group has been buying trailers from BTE for the last 10 years and in that time the team at BTE has worked to address specific operational needs while delivering new concepts and quality builds for the Echuca-based garden supplier.

Adam says BTE has a positive reputation in the transport industry due to their commitment to aftersales support.

“They are a highly reputable company,” he says.

“Their team has always worked with us, their after sales service is pretty good, and they give us absolutely no reason to look around anywhere else. They know our business and we sort of know what to expect from them, which makes it easier to work together. When they say they are going to do something, they deliver on that.”

“We generally have no issues with them, and if there is a problem, they are able to get on it very quickly and resolve the issue without resulting in any downtime for us. Over the years, we’ve had some new concepts coming through and they work pretty hard to make it happen for us. We have been pushing the envelope on our capabilities and branching out in different areas.

“We’re always looking to increase our payload, move loads faster and more efficiently, and while we have traditionally been using PBS combinations, we are now trying to branch out and maximise productivity as best we can. Obviously, running PBS units means more weight being carted by fewer vehicles, which reduces traffic on the roads.”

Through its use of Sweedish Steel’s Domex 700MPA high strength steels, BTE has been able to offer improved tare weights across its complete dog trailer range. With the full chassis produced from this material, BTE can offer the lightest tare weight equipment with superior durability. BTE builds a wide range of Aluminium and Hardox bodies that are manufactured to suit different applications. BTE trailers provide the durability required for a long trouble-free operating life.