E-Plas leads by example in Australia’s transport industry

Engineering and performance plastics specialists, E-Plas, has served Australia’s transport industry since 1981. Long-term supporter, Sloanebuilt Trailers, details what makes their tippers better as a result of that partnership.

Sloanebuilt is a family-owned business which has been in operation for nearly 40 years. It specialises in manufacturing custom trailer and truck bodies which are known for their strength, durability and reliability.

Sloanebuilt has been using E-Plas’ products for around 10 years and has continued to implement them in their trailer builds due to their high-quality and reliability, including the QuickSilver tipper lining system.
Sloanebuilt Customer Relationship Manager, Bennett Haberbusch, says the product allows users to speed up the tipping process while also increasing the margin of safety.

“We use their 12mm QuickSilver floor liner product,” he says. “It’s generally known in the industry as a slippery floor – it lowers the coefficient of friction, which means that you don’t have to put the tipper all the way up in the air. So, you’re reducing the tipping angles which increases safety, and it also gets the product out of the bin quicker.”

Sloanebuilt’s primary focus is on manufacturing tippers for the construction and agricultural sectors. They specialise in aluminium and steel tippers, as well as custom trailers and products such as plant trailers, floats and tautliners. The company also offers services and repairs to its customers’ heavy vehicles.

Through its operations – which span across more than 35 years, Sloanebuilt has been a huge fan of the QuickSilver truck lining system. According to E-Plas, QuickSilver is the ultimate state-of-the-art, industrial strength UHMW-PE continuous liner. The release agents within its UHMW-PE formula mean the product is practically self-cleaning, and no additional release agents are required. The product weighs less than both steel and aluminium, and according to E-Plas, it outwears them both.

As Bennett explained, QuickSilver makes its customers’ trucks more productive. It reduces turn-around times and allows for more loads per day – while having the ability to be fitted in less than one day with no on-going maintenance.

Bennett says that although the company has used competitor products in the past, none of them can compare to E-Plas’ ‘preferred option’.

“Back in the day when we started using the E-Plas products, we were using another product which is known in the industry,” he says. “But based on customer feedback, we did drop the other product because it didn’t perform to the same level that the QuickSilver does. So now it’s our sole floor liner offering.”

“I think they’re probably regarded as the premium floor liner offering,” he says. “They sell a product which is known virtually by name, and I think it’s generally the preferred option, it’s one that people seek out as opposed to other brands that are available.”

E-Plas prides itself on bringing its customers the best in quality engineering plastics, fabrication and services, and Bennett believes they’ve hit the nail right on the head.

“They basically tick all the boxes for us,” he says. “Stock availability is always good, they’re always quick to deliver the stock to us, there’s good communication, and reliable aftersales and support. Their aftersales support is terrific. It’s very rare that we have to use it, but we contact George and his team there. Sometimes there’s customer concerns or feedback which they work through very quickly, but they are always available and responsive in a very timely manner.”

Overall, Bennett is very happy with the results QuickSilver has shown at Sloanebuilt, and it’s something the company would take pride in discussing with its customers in the future.

“It’s easier to deal with, it’s a good, consistent, reliable product,” he says. “It’s highly recommended, and it’s something that we’re happy to discuss with all prospective customers in the future.”

Fast fact
QuickSilver can be fitted to any configuration, ranging from dump trailers and bottom dumps to gravel trains and transfer trailers.

Fast fact
The QuickSilver truck lining system can be fitted in less than one day and requires no on-going maintenance.