E-Plas high performance truck lining system

According to Quadrant’s Orson Yong, the QuickSilver product is one of the toughest, slickest dump truck bed liners in the industry. Designed to help eliminate dangerous high-stage dumping, shovelling the bed clean or running with heavy carry-back, the bed lining is supposed to speed the release of the most difficult materials, including wet coal, hot asphalt, lime sludge, frozen clay or mineral ore. “And best of all, QuickSilver works year-round,” says Orson. “It has been tested to -73°C without cracking or breaking.”

The tough material does not even give in to asphalt, according to Quadrant. “Based on a specially formulated, super-slick, abrasion resistant surface which can handle any temperature asphalt, QuickSilver truck lining system has set the bar performance and durability,” says Orson, pointing out that the product’s true strength is flexibility. “You can haul hot asphalt mix one day, topsoil, sand, coal or gravel the next. QuickSilver’s performance keeps your equipment on the road to make money.”

Orson explains that the key advantage of a bed lining system is a significant reduction of unwanted downtime. “Loads keep moving, so you keep moving – during the dry or humid heat of summer and the freezing temperatures of winter. An effective liner can virtually eliminate the risk of an interruption due to a sticking load or a costly tip-over.”

While an aluminium floor is prone to wear out from abrasion, Quadrant’s research has shown that QuickSilver’s industrial strength polymer will outwear aluminium by 2.5 times in most applications, such as on-road straight dump trucks, dump trailers, bottom dumps and roll-off containers. Systems are available for any make, model or configuration of trailer or roll-off; and in widths up to approximately four metres and continuous lengths up to 60 metres.

“State-of-the-art technology, high-quality UHMW-PE, consistent thickness, width and quality, that’s the QuickSilver reputation,” says Orson. “And with the fewest fasteners used in the liner market and a proprietary installation system, eight to ten man-hours is all it takes to install it. The QuickSilver system can be installed using basic shop tools or by a local expert.”

In Australia, E-Plas is the sole official national distributor of Quadrant’s QuickSilver truck lining system. All QuickSilver liners procured from E-Plas in Australia carry a lifetime warranty by Quadrant,” says Orson.

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