Dulux FleetShield

Designed and formulated especially for commercial vehicles, the FleetShield paint range features a variety of tint bases and high quality solid, metallic and pearl tinters, as well as primers, hardeners and thinners for large vehicles.

More than just paint and its associated products, Dulux offers its customers a complete solution. The FleetShield Blueprint specification system by Dulux provides detailed paint specifications for vehicles, ensuring customers can maintain an identical fleet image regardless of the vehicle model or the location of the painter in the FleetShield network.

Numerous trailer and tanker manufacturers throughout Australia are now turning to Dulux FleetShield to ensure the finish of their products is of the highest quality. Among these is Victorian tanker specialist, Marshall Lethlean (MLI). Thanks to the Blueprint specification system, MLI can provide clear directions to their applicators on what FleetShield products are to be used and how their customer’s vehicles should appear once complete.

MLI takes great pride in the quality of its tankers and Dulux FleetShield helps to ensure the finish is always spot on.

“We get all of our tankers painted through Reliable Signs and Refinishing, which uses the Dulux FleetShield system. The finish is always awesome and Reliable do such a fantastic job,” says Richard Antczak, MLI National Sales Manager.

Based in Dandenong, Reliable Signs and Refinishing provides fleet refinishing services for trucks, trailers, gas and fuel tankers, rigid bodies, buses and FRP vans; together with curtain sider graphics and UV protection. It was started over 30 years ago by Tom Hamer, who continues to serve as the company’s director. He has been using the Dulux range for several years and says that it’s not just the quality of the products that keeps him coming back, but also the high level of service and comprehensive warranty.

“Dulux FleetShield paints offer a high gloss finish. We use the Dulux FleetShield system for trucks, trailers, tankers and cars. We’ve also been providing refinishing services for Marshall Lethlean’s tankers for six or seven years and do the majority of their tankers,” says Tom.

“Along with the finish, it’s all about the service, and Dulux’s service is very good, and so is their five year warranty. We’ve found that a good warranty is what our customers really look for. Dulux’s support doesn’t stop at just supplying paint but their aftermarket support with vehicles in the field has been of tremendous value.”

Dulux FleetShield offers five different premium quality two-pack base options to ensure superior coverage. There is a complete range of solid colour tinters and pearls tinters to tint, match and customise any single layer 2K colour, with 1200 colours available for the Dulux 2K PR system. FleetShield includes a complete range of ancillary products, primers, clears; and a range of hardeners and thinners to suit all temperatures and job sizes. There is also a flattening base available for reduced gloss levels and a complete range of products to suit plastic parts.

Fast Fact
Dulux has launched a new handheld FleetShield Snapshot colour spectro, which is a smartphone app that provides easy access to a large colour library of solid and effect colours. Snapshot is a spectrophotometer designed to read colour for easier identification. It works in conjunction with both iPhone and Android phones. The app is available through the iTunes store for iPhone and iPads, and through the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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