Control factor: Effer 955

Maxilift Australia is installing one of the largest vehicle loading cranes in Australia for City Crane Trucks.

Lifting equipment specialist, Maxilift Australia, has been tasked with installing an Effer 955 7S + 4S Fly-Jib for City Crane Trucks in Adelaide. This crane is capable of lifting 1,330kg at 27.73m with a maximum lift of more than 24 tonnes.

The Regency Park branch in Adelaide specialises in big cranes according to Maxilift Branch Manager, Michael Raine.

“We have the skills, knowledge, equipment and workshop capabilities to capitalise on a market which no other vehicle loading crane company can,” he says. “No other company has the capability to cater for the large cranes like we do. From the engineering and installation, through to our aftersales support network, our workshop is setting the standards in crane installations.”

The engineering process was the first step of coordinating this project.

Remote control functionality in action.

“Our engineering team first completed theoretical axle load and stability calculations to determine the overall concept of the build,” Michael says.

From there, according to Maxilift Australia Product Manager, Hayden Niscioli, the subframe design could begin. “After the general shape of the build was decided on, the engineers could complete high level, detailed, stress simulations to look at the stress of every bolt hole, weld and surface to tweak the final design and validate the numbers.”

Validation of the design by the vehicle manufacturer was a critical step in the engineering process.

“A project of this size also requires design registration to be completed by SafeWork SA as well as Performance-Based Standards approval by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator,” Hayden says.

The crane is packed full of features from its removable fly-jib, 2.5-tonne winch, Effer remote access system RACE and advanced stability system SENSE. Effer truly stands out in the market for its control systems.

“The Progress 2.0 system coupled with Effer’s advanced stability system, SENSE, allows the operator to have the maximum capability of the crane in any situation while always remaining in a safe working condition,” Hayden says. “The system grants the operator more capacity depending how far out their stabilisers are. Meaning, the operator only needs to have the stabilisers deployed in the areas they are working in, thus reducing the cranes footprint on the job site. This, coupled with Effer’s unbelievable power to weight ratio, it makes it easy to understand why Effer are world leaders in large cranes.”

The Effer 955 is expected to perform jobs that a 100-tonne mobile crane would typically do.

“Some of the many advantages of a vehicle loading crane is the fast setup, simple one-person operation and the fact that the crane truck is also towing a trailer to bring the load to site,” Hayden says. “This offers City Crane Trucks some real efficiencies in terms of labour hours per job and the limited number of vehicles onsite. The crane truck is self-sufficient, with all lifting gear and operators in the one vehicle. The truck is very comfortable with the latest in driver assist technologies. This equates to added safety for the crane operators who arrive onsite refreshed and alert.”

This crane features the SENSE advanced stability system.