Capral joins Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

Capral has joined the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) committing to achieving certification for its operations under the ASI Performance Standard and ASI Chain of Custody Standard by mid-2024.

ASI is a not-for-profit standard setting and certification organisation for the Aluminium value chain. ASI brings together producers, users and stakeholders in the aluminium value chain with a commitment to maximise the contribution of aluminium to a sustainable society. Working together, ASI members aim to collaboratively foster responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium.

“As Australia’s largest supplier of extruded aluminium products we recognise the importance of ensuring our sustainability initiatives and operations are aligned with leading industry benchmarks,” said Capral General Manager of Marketing & Technology and head of Sustainability, Michael O’Keefe.

“ASI certification is a global initiative, backed by an assurance program which will enable Capral to deliver on its sustainability commitments with transparency and credibility, we feel this is fundamentally important for our people, our customers and the end users of Australian aluminium products.”

The ASI certification program provides assurance against two voluntary standards: the ASI Performance Standard and the ASI Chain of Custody Standard.

The ASI Performance Standard defines environmental, social and governance principles and criteria that address sustainability issues in the Aluminium value chain.

The ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard complements the ASI Performance Standard and is voluntary for ASI Members, though encouraged. The ASI CoC Standard sets out requirements for the maintenance of a Chain of Custody for CoC Material, including ASI Aluminium.

Capral joins ASI as a Production & Transformation member and is the first Aluminium extruder in Australia to take this step.

“As part of the ASI certification process members must commit to certifying at least one of their operations within two years of joining, Capral is committed to certifying all 6 of its manufacturing facilities to give our customers confidence we are serious about our sustainability commitments,” said O’Keefe.

“Sustainability matters, sustainable material procurement matters, it matters to our business, it matters to our staff, and it matters to our customers.

“Architects, designers, engineers, manufacturers and trades people are increasingly wanting to know where their Aluminium has come from and that it has been produced in a responsible manner.

“We are committed to delivering that information to our customers in a credible and transparent way.”

Capral is on its way towards certification, having recently made a public commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and established an internal sustainability program to encourage continuous improvement in four key business areas to minimise GHG emissions and reduce waste.

“Capral has already committed to embedding sustainable practices at the heart of our organisation, we already purchase low carbon aluminium and are working with industry partners to find ways to recycle our postproduction scrap,” said O’Keefe.

“Our teams are actively working to reduce our own GHG emissions across our various operations. ASI membership will help us improve the way we manage this material and optimise our own processes but it’s not just about achieving certification: it’s also about the opportunity to learn and collaborate along the way.”

ASI currently has 232 members globally and has issued 128 certifications against the ASI performance standard and 51 against the CoC standard. ASI members are operating in 47 countries throughout the world. Since its inception in 2012 ASI has become the recognised authority in Aluminium stewardship enabling the aluminium industry to demonstrate responsibility and provide independent, credible, and verifiable information regarding practices and improvements in ethical, social and environmental performance.

In other news, the Capral CEO recently joined the Australian Aluminium Council Board.