BTE’s show of strength

As a manufacturer of quality tipping trailers, BTE is always looking for ways to innovate and add value to its products.

The relationship between BTE and SSAB began around four years ago, when BTE started using the SSAB’s Hardox wear plate in the manufacture of its steel range of tipping bodies.

This has been followed by the use of Domex which was introduced to BTE nearly six months ago after BTE engineers liaised with SSAB engineers. BTE recognised an opportunity to incorporate Domex into its designs and the decision was made to continue using the product for the manufacture of chassis.

“Because of the high strength associated with Domex and its light weight, which has actually enabled us to reduce the tare weight of our trailers, we believed Domex offered us some great advantages,” says Director of BTE, Alan Griffiths.

“Domex is twice as strong as standard grade steel, but by using it to manufacture the chassis, you end up with a 20 percent reduction in the weight of the trailer – so that does make a substantial difference in terms of tare weight. Aesthetically, most people wouldn’t know the difference just by looking at the product, but it’s all in the inherent strength and the weight savings – and already, this is beginning to generate a great deal of interest within the industry which is really positive for us.”

Domex is one of SSAB’s High Strength Steels which are available in the local markets in various grades and thicknesses, and are widely used within the transport industry all over the world. As well as being high strength, Domex is characterised by its formability and weldability. This product is suitable for laser cutting and possesses properties which allow the steels to be formed with closer tolerances than Gr350 steels.

“For us, Domex is really handy in applications where our customers want something that is stronger than standard steel,” says Alan. “It tends to flex a little easier but will always go back to its original state, so is also ideal for designs that require more flexibility in their structure.”

BTE made the decision to manufacture all chassis out of Domex around two months ago. SSAB has endorsed this decision by allowing BTE to use the Domex logo on marketing material and on every trailer it builds with a Domex chassis. Each of the logos used on BTE’s trailers feature a unique serial number that is traceable by both companies.

Alan explains, “We inform SSAB of the serial number used on every trailer we build, along with the type of trailer, owner, VIN number, etc. Customers can be sure that they are using a genuine product as everything is fully traceable to BTE and SSAB.”

In fact, almost all steel used by BTE for trailer chassis fabrication is now sourced from SSAB.

Alan says, “Choosing to incorporate Domex into our full range of trailer products all comes back to our philosophy of differentiating ourselves from any other body builder. We are an innovative company and continue to offer engineered alternatives, to be leaders in our field.

“Using a product like Domex delivers much more value to our customers. That’s what we are really all about – value adding for our customers and providing advantages through the use of our products which are lighter, stronger and more durable.”

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