Brianza Plastica laminates

Brianza Plastica strongly believes in the prospect of growth in the commercial vehicle sector. The company is present in both European and worldwide markets, with activities and exhibitions in various continents.

Brianza Plastica products take on a primary role in the commercial industry, where the aesthetic quality of its laminate is particularly appreciated. The business has its foundations in producing fibreglass laminates for the construction industry back in 1962 and by the 2000s it diversified into manufacturing flat laminate sheets and rolls to complement trailer and rigid-body builds.

The Italian manufacturer has access to laminates produced via hot continuous lamination (Elyplan) and laminates produced via cold discontinuous lamination (Elycold), which are characterised by an excellent aesthetic finish.

The high quality, light, resistant and durable aspects of Elycold and Elyplan fibreglass laminate finishes enables a wide variety of practical applications for use with commercial vehicles. These applications include the construction of walls, roofs, floors and internal linings.

The range of flat laminates of Brianza Plastica is distinguished by extreme durability of the material, resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays due to gelcoat protection, easy repair and the low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Brianza Plastica fibreglass laminates dedicated to the commercial vehicle sector have a thickness varying from 0.8 to 4 mm, with the option of a matt or gloss finish.

The company has also developed a dedicated range of products to save weight on the panels: Elycold Lite and Elycold Xlite. These laminates are very thick and are obtained by the reinforcement of glass fabric based on an ultra-new concept. They start from 1.5 mm and reach high thicknesses of up to 4mm – 60m in length.

The Elyplan embossed range is, according to Brianza Plastica, the ideal solution for the construction of additional reinforcement strips for internal walls, which are suitable for reinforcing against the movement of pallet or general goods.

The new Elyplan Antislip range, rolls and sheets produced by continuous lamination, is also ideal for floors to prevent slipping of vehicle loads. The product is available in two different finishes: coarse grained ‘XT’ and fine grained ‘MEDIUM’; both products ensure an excellent value of slip resistance due to the addition of a special mineral granulate (R13 class tested according to DIN51130:2014-02). Both products have passed the abrasion resistance test according to D4060-ISO 9352, ensuring a long lifecycle. It is also available in different thicknesses, on request with or without woven roving. Standard colour grey; other colours on request.

The NO BAC laminate developed by Brianza Plastica allows for the elimination of almost all traces of bacteria present on a surface, preventing their subsequent colonisation and providing an additional level of protection in any environment. The NO BAC technology, based on silver, is permanently integrated on the surface of the laminate, right from the production phase, and is evenly distributed across the entire surface. This innovative product has numerous fields of application in all environments with high hygiene requirements.

The new Elyplan sheets and rolls in metallic colours produced with the continuous hot lamination process is available with a standard and high finish surface. The product is reported to ensure excellent aesthetic quality, which means no additional coating or painting is required. It comes in a wide range of colours, from grey to all the RAL colours, upon evaluation with our sales team and with minimum quantities. Available in various thicknesses, with optional mat.
Brianza Plastica R&D team is always available to study and develop the right material upon request.

Liner Supply is Brianza Plastica’s exclusive partner to distribute Italian-made fibreglass sheets to Australian and New Zealand markets.

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