BPW gear boosts trailer efficiency for BGC

For more than 65 years BPW Transpec has been providing the transport industry with high quality, durable and reliable components. BGC relies on the Ringfeder range of tow couplings to reduce the workload of operators while making trailer deliveries much more efficient.

Western Australia based transport company, BGC, has been investing in BPW’s equipment since it opened for business in the 1990s. Today the fleet has grown to about 400 trailers which include dry powder pressure tankers, tippers and platforms for carting bricks.

Darryl Powell, Workshop Manager at BGC, has been using Ringfeder manual coupling products for years and recently purchased a 303AUS AM/RL coupling. He says the most important feature of the latest coupling is its automatic lever as it negates the need for drivers to manually lift it.

“The driver pool is ageing and in a lot of cases are not used to manual exertions, the auto Ringfeder lessens the risk of injury to employees,” he says. “They can be quite tight if they’re not parked on flat ground, so they’ll tend to grab at it and jerk away at it trying to get it up, and that can cause injury to themselves. They can slip and do more damage, so it just becomes a safety issue.”

Darryl says the coupling has helped his trailer deliveries become more productive, by making the operation of trailers seamless.

“It does speed up the process because guys can unhook quickly without having to go back into the cab and get a bar to try and lift up the Ringfeder if it doesn’t lift up properly,” he says. “Unhooking and hooking becomes seamless, especially if you’ve got four or five guys coming into the same plan, where your turnaround time is fairly important.”

Darryl says through ongoing testing of the new Ringfeder RF50 AUS AM/RL coupling with BGC, the company has discovered that it is just as reliable and durable as its predecessor.

“We have been involved in testing the new design Ringfeder RF50 AUS AM/RL coupling for some time now and have found it to be just as robust as the older model 303,” he says. “The RF50 has even more advantages with the new designed safety locking mechanism plus a reinforced quick change guide funnel adding to lower cost of servicing and better value.”

The coupling is an overall improvement on the existing design and features a quick-change coupling body for fast and easy replacement, along with a reinforced body making it more robust from impacts.
It also includes a stronger return spring, a new ergonomically designed hand lever and secondary safety device, and a more compact design which lowers the coupling height by 7mm.

“Ringfeder have also made the coupling more compact and fitted flush mounted bolts to the bottom casing, reducing the likelihood of damage,” he says.

BGC controls its entire production process from producing its own cement to distributing it throughout batching plants. From there the business can produce its own concrete.

This, according to Darryl, is what sets BGC apart from their competition. Such methods having originated from company founder, Len Buckeridge.

“Len’s philosophy was that he would have everything from the ground up, from the quarry to the sand pits,” he says. “He would make his own products and bricks, import his own clinker, mill his own cement, basically do everything himself so he’s got full control. He’s pretty unique in that way, there’s not too many companies around as big as BGC that control the whole process from start to finish.”

BPW provides fantastic aftersales support to its clients, which Darryl explains has always stood having been in the BGC business for 21 years.

“We don’t get the same support from the opposition, they seem to just want to sell product in numbers and that’s it,” he says. “Once it’s out the door it’s gone, and if you do need help it’s always a longwinded exercise, you don’t seem to get the support. BPW are always very helpful. If I ever need anything I can ring them direct and they’ll come out and have a look.”

While BPW may be on the high end of the market, Darryl says, the products are well worth the money. “They’ve got a reputation of having quality product throughout their whole range.

“You don’t hear somebody saying it’s cheap rubbish, it’s a quality product.”

The Ringfeder coupling’s improvements include a reinforced quick change coupling body for fast and easy replacement.