Bendix Brake Pad Identification App

As a highly consumable item, the brake pads on a trailer require frequent replacement to ensure they are working to purpose, providing adequate braking ability and not causing damage to other components of a braking system. However, with the countless options available on the market with often-confusing part numbers one of the only ways to tell them apart, ensuring the correct unit is specified can be difficult.

Braking technology specialist, Bendix, has developed a smartphone app to make the process as simple as possible, requiring just a photograph of the brake pad to return a result with the replacement part number and technical data.

According to Bendix, the app can recognise more than 2,000 different Bendix brake pads and return a result with 95 per cent accuracy in seconds, depending on the internet connection. 

The first of its kind in Australia, Bendix says the core of the breakthrough app is a newly developed algorithm based on an innovative extraction technique that minimises processing time and the amount of data stored. “This breakthrough technology is a first for Australia and is available now for downloading,” says Bendix Marketing Manager, Ian Bott. “It’s even more accurate and faster than the original award winning app launched in 2014, saving valuable time in workshops throughout Australia.”

A team of Victoria University researchers, led by Associate Professor, Daniel Lai, developed the new algorithm after analysing the first version of the app that Bendix released in 2014. Previously, the app required both an image and additional information, but now the only requirement is a clean white background for the photo, with the brake pad aligned in the centre of the viewing area.

“The University team also worked with software developer, Invision, during the integration phase to ensure a smooth transition whenever updates are made in the future,” Bendix adds. “The new app will greatly assist mechanics in workshops to determine the correct brake pad for the job, within seconds.”

Fast Fact
The new Bendix Brake Pad Identifier is available to download for free on both Android and iPhone.

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