AMS spreads its wings

The latest addition to the council’s fleet was delivered and put to work in May this year. This 23 tonne (GVM) ‘Trout River Live Bottom Rigid’ joins two other rigid moving floor trailers, all of which are used to carry out a variety of tasks including spreading gravel on unsealed roads, spreading rock on footpaths, spreading sand on oil spills and bulk stock piling of various materials throughout the district.

The council chose to purchase the Trout River Live Bottom tub from AMS in order to increase its level of productivity. Council supervisor, Rick Terrington says that AMS’ ability to deliver the trailer in such a short time frame was another factor influencing the decision.

Trout River Live Bottom Trailers feature a belt that is attached to a chain system, allowing operators to unload quickly, whilst still having full control over the spread rate. The angle of the sidewalls allows bulk materials to easily flow through without becoming wedged in the tub.

Unlike tipping trailers, these trailers can be unloaded on all types of surfaces, even if they aren’t level. It also eliminates the risk of any overhead hazards.

As an added feature, the rigid unit has a low loading height, which allows the council to load the trailer with its Bobcat excavator – which is not possible with the other rigid units in the fleet. The wider floor and fully open rear tailgate allows the operator to discharge large items such as tree stumps and rocks with ease.

“The new rigid is more suitable for the work we require it to do,” says Rick. “We are very happy with the trailer, it’s been really reliable and works well. We can get further spread rates out of our material, which increases how far we can go with our budget. The product is spread evenly on the ground and there is no need to follow up with a grader. If this isn’t done properly to start with, it can leave quite a mess, but with the AMS trailer, a nice even spread rate is guaranteed every time. This unit increases our productivity by around 100 percent. We are really happy with it, the quality of workmanship is excellent – as is the service we have received from AMS.”

He adds, “The unit is operated entirely from within the cabin through the use of a remote control, allowing the operator to spread the product as thick as necessary. For increased safety, it also has excellent hydraulic blow out valves so there is no chance of operators being injured by a hose exploding or coming apart.”

Although the council’s current moving floor units are all rigid, it has placed an order with AMS for a semi version of the Trout River Live Bottom Trailer, which will provide the council with a greater capacity in order to tackle larger tasks. Rick says that the council will also be looking at purchasing more trailers, both rigid and semi, from AMS once the existing plan is renewed.

Coinciding with the new rigid models, AMS is soon to release a much anticipated full width belt semi/rigid. This unit, currently being trialled, has the ability to be configured into B-double and road train. “We are very excited with the up-coming release. This design will do all the difficult products, such as mulch, garbage, cane mud, stemming etc, alongside all quarry and sand products” says Neil, Director of AMS. “A much greater cubic capacity, lighter tare and faster unloading times make this design quite unique.”

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