ADA-Slider curtain sliding system

Invented and developed by Spanish firm ADAICO in 1994, the ADA-Slider was a response to a European law stating that all carbonated beverages had to be protected from the sun’s UV radiation.

At the time, most manufacturers were focused on changing the shape of the wheels of the carriages while maintaining their varied steel track profiles. The breakthrough for ADAICO came when its engineers managed to utilise the same aluminium track profile they designed for both the top and bottom of curtain-siders, making it easier for operators to comply with the legislation using a reliable single system.

Along with reducing the number of components required for assembly, and thus improving ease of serviceability, this simplicity of design allowed the curtain to be easily tensioned while protecting the load. Added to this, a PVC attachment on the bottom profile acts as a bump stop along the whole of the side of the rail, which protects it from damage by forklifts during loading and unloading. Based on that configuration, the system has been a huge success across Europe.

In Australia, CIMC Vehicle Australia now added Polyweld’s unique Tenacitex load restraint curtain to the mix. The result is a rigid body specifically designed to operate on multiple drop schedules while providing optimum load security.

“The Tenacitex curtain is the ideal addition to make the product even more suitable for the local market,” says CIMC Vehicle Australia’s General Manager, Hector Ojea. “In terms of speed and versatility, it’s right up there because you can open the curtain in seconds and access the load, which makes it so much more convenient when you have to stop over at different locations all day long. Some operators achieve up to 30 deliveries a day.

“After almost 20 years on the market, we can proudly, gladly and openly state that the ADA-Slider has proven to be an outstanding product,” he adds. “But, there is always room to improve, and Polyweld has certainly helped us taking the ADA-Slider system to the next level.”

Based on the innovative Tenacitex material, Polyweld has developed a curtain that looks and behaves like a normal curtain, but is a light and easy-to-handle load restraint system at the same time. “The resilient molecular structure leads to a high degree of elasticity, low creep and low stress relaxation,” says Polyweld’s Director Stuart Donaldson. “It’s the ideal fit for an innovative product like the ADA-Slider. As it minimises the need for gates, the Tenacitex product can help saving real money and increase productivity, while also reducing weight and eliminating the risk of injuries related to lifting gates. However, the great thing about the system is you still have the option of using gates if need be.”

“In the unlikely event that the load does shift, and that there is something pressing against the curtain, the operator can still slide the curtains open without it getting jammed into the freight. This is why the Tenacitex curtain is such a great fit,” he concludes.

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