AAA Trailers commits to quality

AAA Trailers is a semi-trailer manufacturer that specialises in providing custom-designed trailing equipment in Australia. Its products include drop decks, flat decks, low loaders, tags, curtainsiders, dollys, wideners, extendables and tankers.

The highly skilled team at AAA Trailers take great pride in their work. The Technician, Dolovan, is responsible for assuring the quality of the trailers and ensuring Australian Design standards have been met as they leave the factory and enter service.

Dolovan has worked in the industry for many years and says if he was going to buy a trailer he’d go straight to AAA Trailers.

“I’ve worked on other trailers and AAA Trailers are of good quality with unbeatable prices,” he says. “In my opinion as a mechanic, AAA Trailers are very good. The suspension on the trailers, are very good. I’ve worked on other brands, and after two weeks the wheel bearings come loose. We use Fuwa K-Hitch suspension which is purpose built and tested for Australian conditions.”

Dolovan says customers are getting a bargain for their money as he asserts the trailers are very affordable for their high quality.

“Someone would be crazy to go and spend 80 or 90 thousand extra on a trailer that won’t last as long as AAA Trailers,” he says. “I’m working on the trailers, so I see the quality.”

The trailers that AAA Trailers build typically feature Evertek hydraulic ramps which are suitable for various applications. Dolovan says it offers a range of adjustments to the operator to get the effect they’re after.

“The brand is Evertek, so once you connect it to our battery, you can adjust the speed of the ramp,” he says. “You can adjust that in several areas, and how much oil pressure goes in which turns the speed over, so you can adjust it to whatever speed you want.”

AAA Trailers emphasises longevity and safety with the fitment of Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) on each of its trailers, too. EBS adds an extra level of safety due to its predictive nature, as it can detect if the vehicle will roll and, in some cases, slows down engine speed.

In addition to this, the company also focuses on aftersales support. Dolovan says during his time with AAA Trailers, the business hasn’t experienced any major aftersales issues with customers due to the quality of their trailers.

“Overall, we will beat the competition,” Dolovan says. “I don’t think you can find better deals or a trailer as good as these.”

Fast fact
By having a continuous stock of equipment, AAA Trailers provides a rapid turnaround which is most desirable in this current climate.

Fast fact
Incorporating rigorous evaluation of each trailer into its work practice, AAA Trailers produces reliable transport equipment that adheres to the Australian Design Rules’ core focus of vehicle safety, anti-theft and emissions.