A recommendation for the ages

Victoria-based farm machinery specialist, O’Connors, turns to Bruce Rock Engineering for quality heavy haulage solutions.

O’Connors, a family-owned business which sells, services and supplies parts for farm machinery, recently purchased four drop deck wideners from Bruce Rock Engineering (BRE), which will be predominantly used daily between their New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia dealerships, as well as to and from their customers’ farms.

The order was the company’s first purchase with Bruce Rock Engineering, as O’Connors Group Sales Operations Manager, Daniel Speed, says occurred after a solid referral.

“We got referred by someone else in the industry who was using them and we were looking to upgrade our existing fleet,” he says.

“We went for the 4.2-metre widener, and they were 48’ long overall.”

Key to the purchase decision, according to Daniel, was the rapid turnaround time from when the trailers were ordered. So far, O’Connor’s has taken delivery of the first two trailers. Also, it was crucial for the business to specify a trailer design that adheres to the legal height parameters when delivering farm machinery and parts.

“For us, it was about being able to keep inside the legal parameters for height, with modern farm machines getting bigger, wider and taller,” he says. “We got the lay forward layback ramps, too, so we can take machinery that is quite long as well.”

The family business has only accepted delivery of two of their brand-new trailers so far, and although it may be difficult to predict their benefits at such an early stage, Daniel can confirm that they are already much more flexible than his previous trailers.

“We’re confident that we will see benefits, basically we’re going to have trailers that we can utilise,” he says. “There’s a very limited amount of items that we sell that we won’t be able to move ourselves with these trailers, whereas previously we weren’t always able to. We’ve only had one on the road for a few weeks, but it’s been hassle-free.”

Daniel says O’Connors received support from BRE through to their trailer’s arrival and is still in contact with them after the purchase to make sure everything is going to plan.

“We’ve been dealing with Michael in Melbourne, he’s been really good to deal with along the way,” he says.

“He’s kept us informed of where they’re up to and he let us know all the different options we can utilise, right through delivery to our dealerships. I think the product’s good, it’s a good Australian-made product and at this stage we’d recommend people having a look at them, that’s for sure.”

Fast fact
Bruce Rock Engineering designs and manufactures trailing equipment for a variety of industries across Australia including general freight, mining, agriculture, construction and retail.